Sunday, June 12, 2016

Onecoin the bittcoin killer

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

ONECOIN ' Helping the unbanked ' by Bill Gates 1

Mr Bill Gates supports digital currency as he predicted over twenty years ago and today Onecoin is taking it to the unbanked.Why don't you become part of the new financial revolution and help change the world.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Itaukei affairs to establish all chiefly titles

16:58 Yesterday

I-taukei Affairs Deputy Secretary Saimoni Waibuta
Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Sainiani Boila
The iTaukei Affairs Ministry has reached out to villages to establish all chiefly titles following the high number of vacant chiefly titles to date.
I-taukei Affairs Deputy Secretary Saimoni Waibuta confirms to FBC News the i-Taukei Affairs Ministry is currently working on filling all vacant chiefly titles in villages around the country.
We are currently working on the confirmation of all our chiefly titles with regards to Tokatoka, Mataqali, the Yavusa and those are things that we are working on trying to fill all the vacant customary titles and for the ministry of the i-Taukei affairs
Waibuta says vacant posts should be filled to avoid disputes and disunity.
The Ministry is working around the clock to establish villager's identity to assist them to identify and install customary titles.
Waibuta says it's important to fill these vacant positions as there is a huge role and responsibility that comes with it to lead the vanua.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

ONECOIN ' Beating Microsoft and Apple '

Onecoin started april 2015 and today its ranked number 2 of the top 100 chrypto currencies company in the world.

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Wishing all the mothers a happy Mother's Day

This is For all you Mothers of  Yacata wherever you maybe,I am wishing you a happy Mother's Day.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Yacata Meeting in Australia

A special meeting for our community members in Australia is called for the 14th of May 2016,
important issues facing the future of our people,our homeI Island and the rebuilding of Yacata village after tropical cyclone Winston needs to be looked at again.
A container full of goods for Yacata has left Australia today to support our families on the island.
Those from UK,USA,NZ and Fiji can attend via Skype .
Venues and time of the meeting will be on our Yavusa Yacata Facebook page.
Thank you and take care
May God the creator of our universe blesses you all.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Just received this letter from the good Reverend Irinale Tadulala son of Yacata living in Australia.Thank you Rev.

Born above the crystal clear blue seas of the Pacific Ocean, the monster from hell, Winston, had its eye set on our beautiful group of Islands and the beautiful nature of her people. Its strengths intensified as it drew closer to our Islands as if it was running behind schedule to spend time with us and danced at our white sandy beaches. What, in nature’s terms, was a friendly visit, ended up as a catastrophe to Fiji and her people.

Winston has come and gone leaving in its wake devastations and destructions unparalleled in Fiji’s meteorological history. From uprooted to broken homes, loss of precious lives, broken hearts to shattered hopes, this was by far the biggest cyclone in living memory.
Winston was blind and it did not differentiate between races, cultures, colours, religious or political beliefs as it ran havoc indiscriminately on our beautiful Island nation. 

People of Fiji and friends all over the world have begun picking up the pieces. We did not lose, we were just battered. Our people are a resilient group of people who will rise above this devastations as they usually do after events such as this. This latest catastrophe will be no exception, although it will be a little bit tougher given the magnitude of the devastation. They need our help.
My Island home of Yacata was among the many that directly lay in the path of this monster. Majority of the houses on the Island were completely destroyed or rendered uninhabitable. Crops had been completely destroyed with our only source of income, copra, completely decimated.
On behalf of our people I would like to plead with you, members of the international community for your help. Whatever little monetary assistance you can give will mean a great deal to those who have lost any hope and those that are struggling to find what to feed their children.

The account details below


Mobile number:+610497348256

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy Women's day to all women of Yacata

Yavusa Yacata draws strengths from its women during troubles,smiles,distress,devastations and grows stronger in prayers and hope.........HAPPY women's day to all the women of Yacata.


1. The French Gov. brought about 2.5tons of construction tools to the island including Spade,Fork,Posthole Spade,hammer, Hand saw,Tin Cutter,all sizes of construction nails,tarpulin etc
2. Rations for the first 6 days were provided by Kaibu including a carcase of beef meat.
3. Rations from NDMO/Loloma Foundation were also distributed on the 9th day which was Sunday amongst the number of families.
4. Aust gov. supplied 55 large tarpulins.
5. So altogether each family has about 4 to 5 tarpulins each.
6. Our yavusa collections was loaded on the barge last Friday 4th of March with about 100 plus cartons.
7. Gobal of Compassion's 45 household pack was also loaded onto the barge the same day.


1. The first batch of volunteers(8) left on 1/03/16 with 5 more yet to go.
2. Their main priority to fix priority areas ie; Health Centre fixed and operational,last Friday. The school to fix Teachers quarters and makeshift classrooms for the school to start this week.
3. Families were encouraged to clear and clean their own compound and built makeshift tents for temporary shelters assisted by volunteers.
4. Last Friday 4th March sent a 32" blade Hasgarvana Chainsaw (biggest size) to help in the clearing of big trees as none in the village.
5.WATER- Issential to the healthy livelihood of the community will be assessed by the Team Leader who will at the same time prepare an assessment report for the borehole operation as its
6. Talatala's residents is the next for the volunteers as fund is available for repairs.
6. UNICEF also left for Yacata on 3/01/16 with loads of ware tablets and medication kits.They have assessed on waste management and supplied portable toilets.
7. Overseas volunteers Team 1 will arrive on 9/03/16 Tomorrow and Team 2 will arrive on 16/03/16 (next Wednesday)


1. Relocation is a must while it needs proper planning and assessment.
2. A new focus has been targeted after confirming all the consolidated activities above and also seeing food rations should last them for the next four months, the meeting have unanimously agreed to move towards "FUNDRAISING" to be held on 28th of March at the Police Bure,Valelevu in line with volunteers demand.
The objectives:
a) To align ourselves towards volunteers demand in terms of construction materials for the 14 partly damaged homes.
b) To assist those who are in real need for relocation(those their homes have been washed away by the tidal waves.

Rebuilding and reconstruction will take a while, 3 to 6 months if everything goes to plan and we all hope to see a lot of new developments and the "LIGHT OF TRUTH BEGINS TO SHINE over yavusa Yacata in his own time.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Food ration timely arrival

"I'm thankful these supplies arrived quickly, if not we would have faced a serious food shortage."

These were the words of a relieved Letila Vulakoro of Yacata Island as she received food rations from Government on Sunday (28/02/16).

The mother of 3, whose beach front house was damaged by Tropical Cyclone Winston's winds and swallowed by storm surges, says the food rations delivered by Government arrived at a critical time for the villagers of Yacata.

Like many of the severely affected areas, Yacata's 44 households now have to share the few houses that remain and suffer the widespread destruction of their farmlands.

Vulakoro said that due to the severe damages to root crops and vegetables, a food crisis seemed imminent.

"After the cyclone, we relied on food from a shop owned by a cooperative".

"Those who own the cooperative were kind and decided together to share the supplies for the whole village which lasted a week."

"Just as the food supply was running out, Government's assistance arrived to our shores," Ms Vulakoro said.

Vulakoro acknowledged the quick response from government.

"We take this time to thank the Government for the timely response; we now have food items and water to drink.

We will also work with Government in rebuilding our lives and livelihood and that of our children," said an emotional Ms Vulakoro.

The ration delivered would last the people of Yacata for about a month.

Meanwhile food rations delivered included canned beef, canned fish, flour, rice, dhal, sugar, cooking oil, powdered milk, and mineral water.
Thank you very much.

Already received in Yacata

To the NDMO and Loloma foundation a big thank you for your support.

30 x 50kg Rice
15x 50kg  Flour
15x 25kg  Dhal
25ctns  Corned Beef
61 ctns  Tin Fish Mackerel
11 ctns Powdered Milk
6 Bags Sugar
13ctns  Cooking Oil
95 ctns Fiji Water
55 pcs Shelter Tarpulin

4pks x 12x 2kg Flour
4ctns Dhal
2ctns Oil
2ctns Biscuits
2ctns Tuna
2ctns Assorted groceries
1ctn Tea
French government details  is yet to be confirmed....

Thank you for your donations

A great many thanks to those who donated items below for the people of Yacata victims of TC Winston.

1           Rice 4x 4kg
                  1x 10kg
2           Rice 2x 10 kg
3           Rice 2x 10 kg
4           Rice 2x10kg
5            Rice 2 x10 kg
6            Rice 1x 10kg
          Flour 1x4kg
       Noodle 1x 5pk
        Sugar 1x2kg
7         Rice  2x10kg
8        Sugar 2x 4kg
          Rice 1x 10kg
9       Biscuits 4x 5kg buckets
10         Flour 2x 10kg
11      Biscuits 4x 5kg buckets
12         Flour 2x 10kg
13          Flour 1x25kg
14          Flour 2x10kg
15          Flour 1x10kg
           Rice 1x10kg
16           Rice 2x10kg
17    Clothings 1xctn
18    Clothings 1xctn
19    Clothings 1xctn
20    Clothings 1xctn
22    Clothings 1xctn
23    Clothings 1xctn
24    Clothings 1xctn
25    Clothings 1x Bag
26    Clothings 1xctn
27    Clothings 1xctn
28    Clothings 1xctn
29    Clothings 1xctn
30    Clothings 1xctn
31  Clothings 1xctn
32  Clothings 1xctn
33  Clothings 1xctn
34  Clothings 1xctn
35  Clothings 1xctn
36  Clothings 1xctn
37  Clothings  1xctn
38  Clothings 1xctn
39  Clothings 1xctn
40  Clothings 1xctn
41  Clothings 1xctn
42  Clothings 1xctn
43  Clothings 1xctn
44  Clothings 1xctn
45  Clothings 1xctn
46  Clothings 1xctn
47  Clothings 1xctn
48  Clothings 1xctn
49  Clothings 1xctn
50  Clothings 1xctn
51  Clothings 1xcontainer
52  Clothings 1xctn
53 B/ Crackers 3ctn x24x375gms
54  Clothings 1xctn
55  Clothings 1xctn
56  Clothings 1xctn
57  Clothings 1xctn
58    Noodles 1ctn
59    Flour        2x10kg
60    Flour        2x10kg
61  Milk                 7 pkts
 Tea                7pkts assorted
 Dhal          2x2kg
62 Salad Oil        3x2ltrs
 C/Beef          8tins
 Mackerel          4x3pks x 375gms
 Sunbell           3tins
 Rice            1x2kg
 Rice            1x4kg
63 Flour        1x10kg
 Rice         2x4kg
64 Rice                1x4kg
 Sugar        2x4kg
 Salt               3x1kg
 Flour       2x2kg
 Noodles       1x10's
 B/Powder       2tins
65 Sugar       2x 4kg
 Soap       4x Bars
 S/Oil                1x 4ltrs
 Rice         3x2kg
66 Onions       4x2kg
 Mos/ Coils     19pkts
 Steel Wool 4pkts
 B/Soap        4pkts
67 B/Crackers 11pkts
 Noodles          8pkts
68 Clothings          1xctn
69 Basin           4 pc
 Mugs         25pcs
 Bowl            1pc
 Plastic Cups 35pcs

 Jugs           3pcs
 Dish Plates 2 pcs
 Saucers     8pcs
70 Sugar        1x50kg
71 Flour        1x25kg
72 Clothings        1x suitcase
73 Clothings          1x suitcase
74 Clothings            1xctn
75 Clothings            1xctn
76 Clothings            1x Bag
77 Maggi Noodles   1xctn assted pks
78 Chow Noodles   1xctn  assted pks
79 B/Crackers   3x ctn pk
80 Assorted Goods 1xctn
80/1 Water           1x ctn
80/2 Water           1xctn
80/3 water           1xctn
80/4 Water           1xctn
80/5 Water           1xtn
80/6 Water           1xctn
81 Utensils           1x Box

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Yacata Village after hurricane Winston

Hurricane Winston destroyed my village but we are very fortunate no one got injured during the 320km wind.,Winston I don't want to see you ever again,go and hide inside Jupiters and never come out again.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hurricane Winston,Yacata Village

Never stopped crying this morning as more photos start to arrive,just could not imagine what you guys just went through.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Yacata after hurricane Winston

Cyclone Winston has come and gone leaving in its wake millions of dollars in destruction. At category 5, Winston is by far the most devastating cyclone in recorded history to hit our beloved archipelago. Its mere size alone means that the whole of Fiji would have been, directly or indirectly, affected by the devastation of this monster.
As always, smaller remote islands that lies directly in the path of the cyclone are the ones that, historically, often bear the full brunt of the devastation. Winston was no exception.
Unconfirmed reports suggest that Yacata and nearby Islands were some of the worst hit. Our prayers and thoughts are with our people at this difficult time. However, this cannot be the only things we do. The degree of devastation, although yet to be confirmed, demands more from us who has the interest of our Island homes at heart. It will mean our personal sacrifices and unyielding support in cash and in kind.
I will be updating you all when a full and substantiated report is received so we may be able to plan the kind of assistance we will render to our people back home.

To all my families in Yacata Island

Today,my thoughts and prayers are forever with you as you just been through a tough night with tropical cyclone Winston,at this moment I have never been able to reach you by phone or FaceTime but I know that this one will be forever in your memories.At this moment I haven't received any updates as the telecommunications systems is down because of this big mother of a hurricane.
To the people on my Island I am looking forward to hear your voices again,and not the sounds of laughter on the background,well at least not now and the jokes you  shares with me.
We are a resilient people we have been hit so many many times and each and every time we rises again.
I look forward in talking with you very soon again,stay safe Yacata, rise up and may the creator of this universe pour out blessings to each families.