Sunday, November 20, 2016

Vatuvara and Kaibu Islands

Before the arrival of white settlers in Fiji the two Islands of Kaibu and Vatuvara (VANUA of Yacata inclusively meaning land, people, sea and sky that is Vanua in Fijian concept) have always been owned by the people of Yacata. This peaceful and respectful existence with nature ceased after the terrible day when our elders realized we have been conned through introduced laws used against us by people who were trusted to look after our affairs. We are a proud people of the land and sea, and never in the proud history of Yacata, to be defeated in tribal warfare. For that I urge all our people as scions who owe their lives to our forefathers that we should always be reminded about the deceitful ways of corrupt politicians and earlier settlers who lied their way into our inner circle colluding with all those who participated in the scheme in taking away these islands from us. This after all our ancestral sacrifices in shedding blood and lives in defending these islands from invaders before white settlers arrived in Fiji. Ironically, we were humbugged in the most passive and innocent of ways- through ink on paper without our prior informed consent. I have put forward a proposal to my traditional leaders that we set a day to remind everyone about the atrocities that takes place over forty years ago, lest we forget.

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